Bring the Fresh – An Internet Marketing / Affiliate Scam?

12 Feb

We have seen so many affiliate who have put most of their effort based on the so-called internet marketing gurus who claimed to earn hundred thousand millions even billions with just one-click button only and doing nothing else, which you believe is unlikely, is it not? The result were not always satisfactory even some ended up with earning nothing. I was one of those who are scammed many times and a lot of pennies were spent for that.

I did not give up. I knew opportunities were there, but you must know the right way to find it. I keep on googling for legitimate affiliate marketing website and study the review, and that brings me to a affiliate program called “Bring the Fresh” [BTF]. It was founded jointly by Kelly Felix [ “the Rich Jerk”] and Mike Long. They have been through their own tough time financially as most of us were. They claimed to develop a system that can help us earn at least $100,000 per month. A New Zealand’s BTF member earned $18,000 within 2 days while another BTF member, Greg Morrison [One Man Gang or OMG] was alleged to earned $1.4 million within 9 months only. Here is their promotional video:-

BTF provides courses of creating websites/blogs, identifying significant keyword, creating backlinks, SEO and even tips on surviving Google algorithm changes. The BTF also contain a forum section in which the members can discuss updates about their affiliate programs, assisting the newbies and the follow-up on latest search engine updates whatsoever. This is the special privileges for the newbie to submit enquiries to the experienced affiliates so that these guides can even be utilised by them to assist future newbies in days to come.

Here is a comment from Greg Morrison courtesy of OMG about algorithm changes by Google :-

Here is videos of reviews and testimonials of the same:-

A guy claiming receiving payment from clickbank.

Another review.

Here’s one more review.

In view of the above, I am of the opinion that BTF is the most excellent affiliate program ever discovered so far. The forum is up todate and many members generally are making almost million dollar a year.  I strongly recommend this program to all affiliates particularly who have tried countless affiliate courses in vain. Give yourself a chance one more time and see how it pays off.

Yes. Bring Me to BTF Now